Promote, TikTok’s advertising platform, now has improved targeting and visibility options

The video platform announced on Wednesday that it would be updating its ad platform Promote with enhanced targeting and promotion options. First introduced in 2021, Promote allowed content producers to monetize their vertical videos. The company is introducing new features that will make it simpler for content makers and local businesses to reach their ideal audiences and control how their ads are interacted with.

In order to showcase a wider variety of products and services, the company is introducing a new feature that will allow advertisers to direct users back to their TikTok page. A call to action that links to the advertiser’s TikTok profile will now be displayed to viewers of promoted videos. In addition, the “more messages” Promote objective now lets companies that rely on customer conversations to generate revenue direct people to their TikTok inbox.

In addition, Promote now allows local businesses to promote the videos or LIVE videos of creators with whom they work in order to boost views among the target audience. With the addition of location to gender, age, and interest targeting on TikTok’s Promote, local businesses can now reach out to users in their immediate vicinity.

TikTok stated in a blog post that the company was “committed to expanding our suite of features to empower advertisers of all sizes to grow and meet their goals,” such as increasing the size of their TikTok following or fostering relationships with potential buyers. We’re working hard to increase the number of available advertising channels for the TikTok community, so stay tuned for more news in the near future.

TikTok’s continued expansion into the advertising space coincides with the release of these new features. In order to facilitate brand advertising on the platform, the company released a new commerce ad suite in the form of “Shopping Ads” in the month of August.

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The company introduced an advertising product in May called “Branded Mission,” which facilitates interactions between creators and brands, with the possibility of creators receiving incentives in exchange for videos. In addition, in May, TikTok introduced TikTok Pulse, a contextual advertising solution that allows brands to place their content next to trending videos on the platform to attract new users and advertisers. It’s not surprising that TikTok wants to attract advertisers and expand its advertising suite given its ambitions to establish itself as an e-commerce platform.

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